The Lodge was consecrated on Monday 16th April 1951, at 4.00 p.m. at The Masonic Hall, Staines.

The occasion was historic as it was the first consecration undertaken by the R.W. Bro. Phillip C Bull DSC TD the Provincial Grand Master since his installation to that office on 28th March 1951.

In addition to the consecrating officers, there were 73 guests.


RW.Bro.PhillipBull DSO TDProvincial Grand Master
W.Bro.NormanMooreM.A. PGD. DPGM
W.Bro.Reginald DaviesPGD, APGM
W.Bro.WyndhamEdwardsPAGDC, APGM
W.Bro.W.W.A.CouzensPAGDC, PPrGWActing as S.W.
W.Bro.R.R.RogersonPAGDC, PPrGWActing as J.W.
W.Bro.Rev J.G.MurrayMA, PrGChaplainActing as Chaplain
W.Bro.D.T.Griffiths OBEPAGDC. PrSecActing as Secretary
W.Bro.A.G.ChalkPrDGDCActing as DC
W.Bro.G.RobertsonPPrDGDCActing as ADC
W.Bro.A.E.GannPrAGSecActing as ASec
W.Bro.H.S.SirketPrDepGRegActing as Inner Guard
W.Bro.A.E.BowlesPrGTylerActing as Tyler

Uxbridge Lodge No.7066