The tracing boards are placed on a stool in the centre of the floor of the Lodge for all ceremonies. This stool was made and presented by W.Bro J. R. Draycott PPrGStB, but during the transfer to the new centre it went missing.

The Director of Ceremonies takes the aprons for all ceremonies from the southeast part of the Lodge on a cushion to the southwest at the command of the Worshipful Master. The cushion was presented to the Lodge by Bro. B. Morris.

It is customary at the Installation Meetings to present the Immediate Past Master not only with a Collar and Jewel and Breast jewel but with a folder containing a copy of all the Summon’s of his year of Office and bearing the signature of all his Officers.

As a tradition, from February 1952, white gloves are worn in the Lodge at all meetings.

The first master W.Bro. P. Kedge PPrGD, presented the Lodge with an Installing Master’s Guide, which was handed to each new master by his predecessor. The book was signed by each in turn with the year of their Mastership. The signature page is now full and the book, rather worn, has gone into the archives.

The members of the Lodge who hold office will progress through each office up to Worshipful Master.

Every Christmas the Almoner ensures that the widows of deceased members are presented with a small gift and card.

Uxbridge Lodge No.7066