In May 1951 Bro. A. E. Hopkins presented the Charity Box and Bro. J. R. Draycott presented the Ballot Box.

In September 1951 W. Bro R. E. Watling MC presented the Warrant Case.

In December 1952 W. Bro. J. C. Davies, Bro’s, S. Wilson and J. G. Gathergood presented the Worshipful Master’s and Wardens Gauntlets.

In 1956 W.Bro W. J. Buckingham [on behalf of his wife who made it] presented the Volume of the Sacred Law hand embroidered cushion.

In 1971 W.Bro. on behalf of the Lodge of Instruction presented the Worshipful Masters Pewter Goblet to mark the 100th Meeting & 21st Anniversary of the Lodge.

In 1972 W.Bro R. G. Harrison Senior Warden presented a Toasting Goblet for use by the Senior Warden, W.Bro P. Broughton Junior Warden presented a Toasting Goblet for use by the Junior Warden and Bro. P. J. Kedge [in memory of his father the First Master] presented a Toasting Goblet for use by the Immediate Past Master at the Festive Board,

In 1981 the Master’s Collar was replaced with a new collar and chain plus collars for the Wardens by W.Bro L McGinnis to mark his year in the Chair.

In 1981 Bros. R. L. Mcginnis and A. R. Churchman presented a Loving Cup to celebrate their father/father-in-law’s year in the chair.

In 2000 W.Bro. G. H. Millson presented a new Tracing Board Stool.

In 2001 to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Lodge W.Bro. K.R. Demmen presented a set of Firing Glasses. One each for the Worshipful Master, Senior & Junior Wardens.

W.Bro. D. J. Horler decided to compliment the goblets with a casket. He subsequently made caskets for the Loving Cup and Firing Glasses.

In 2015 having completed 50 years in the Lodge the Lodge members presented W Bro Doug Horler PPrJGW a Golden Square and Compasses on which is engraved the words “These Square & Compasses were presented by members of the Uxbridge Lodge in recognition of W Bro Douglas Horler PPJGW 50 years service to Uxbridge Lodge in particular and Freemasonry in general, on the 21st October 2015.  W Bro Doug Horler thanked the members for this special presentation and donated them to the Lodge.

Uxbridge Lodge No.7066